Gaziantep’s Symphony of Flavors

Dive into the vibrant tapestry of Gaziantep’s flavors at Develik. From delicate mezzes to fire-kissed kebabs, each bite unveils a culinary masterpiece woven with history and modern artistry.

Beyond baklava, a symphony of spices awaits you. Develik paints a culinary portrait of Gaziantep’s vibrant heritage, each bite whispering secrets of ancient reimagined recipes. Step into a haven of refined tastes, where history dances on your plate.


Immerse yourself in the opulent flavors of Gaziantep’s storied kitchens at Develik. Unwind in a haven of refined tastes, where generations-old recipes whisper their secrets from plates adorned with local delicacies.


Susamhane offers a special restaurant experience with a historical touch. The moment you step inside, you take a journey through time and meet the warm stories of the past. In this atmosphere, flavor and history come together to create unforgettable moments. You can attend fasıl or organize group organizations in this place, where every detail has been carefully designed.


“More than a hotel, Hışvahan is a portal to Gaziantep’s soul. Our suite felt like a time capsule, steeped in charm and comfort. Waking up to the castle view felt like stepping into a fairytale. And Develik? Their lahmacun is a game-changer!”

MARK L. – 11/2023

“Business and pleasure rarely mix so beautifully. Hışvahan provided the perfect backdrop for our conference. The elegant ambience of the meeting rooms inspired creativity, and the Develik lunch breaks were culinary masterpieces. We left feeling refreshed, inspired, and full of katmer!”

CENGİZ B. – 04/2023